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Cue Capital Limited Partnership (LP), Member: FINRA/SIPC, is a boutique strategic relationship firm dedicated to meeting the needs of the alternative asset community through strategic fund raising for fund management teams. We work with the private equity and hedge fund GPs. At Cue, we:

bulet Have decades of working knowledge of what institutions look for in the managers they invest with.
bulet Understand the decision-making processes.
bulet Have extraordinary institutional relationships.
bulet Have an ability to understand and communicate complex investment strategies within this ever-changing environment.

Experience & Knowledge

Cue is led by George Skouras. George has over 25 years of capital raising,distressed and emerging market investing, and banking expertise. He has an in-depth understanding of investment transactions and fundraising needs. We work collaboratively with our General Partner (GP) clients and apply our experience and due diligence skills to partnership selection in order to work toward ensuring a successful fundraise.


We work mostly with one fund at a time and invest our own money with each fund we raise. We are very selective in our choice of a fund, although we are willing to take on the most challenging assignments. We utilize an extensive due diligence process to be sure we select the client we can strategically help who offers an investment opportunity we ourselves will invest in. Once we have selected our client we work with them exclusively until a successful fund close. We bring our clients personal relationships with over 250 of the most prominent investment decision makers from across the globe: encompassing leading corporations, public pension funds, endowments, foundations, fund of funds and family office executives, including high-net-worth investors. Our specialty and main concentration in alternative assets is in private equity. The alternative strategies that we have worked with include small buyouts, venture, hedge funds, later-stage healthcare and specialty bio-pharmaceuticals.

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