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Building Partnerships
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Discovery Meetings – Forming a Strategic Partnership

We gather information to understand the general partners, their backgrounds, their investment strategy and the firms they have built

We determine whether the Fund provides a unique and proven investment opportunity

We understand and discuss potential fund raising obstacles

Due Diligence – Creating a Foundation and Understanding

Perform in-depth analysis on the partnership, individual backgrounds and prior fund performance down to the company level- including speaking with CEOs

Develop an understanding of the partners and their skills

Strategic Consulting - Providing Constant Feedback

Determine  if the materials accurately reflect and most positively present the investment strategy

Provide ongoing feedback, market intelligence and advice for strategic positioning

Recommend and organize conference attendance and speaking engagements

Assist in navigating relationships with institutions and their consultants

Fundraising – Strategically Guiding Clients to Fund Raise Completion

Identify potential investors and provide direct access built on relationships and knowledge of their private equity programs and interests

Provide realistic strategy and time frames for closings

Advise on responses to investor/consultant questionnaires

Navigate consultant “road blocks”

Provide follow up and feedback every step of the way

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