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Every organization needs guiding principles for conducting business. These principles are applied to how our team members collaborate and work with clients, how we work together internally as a single, cohesive unit and how we successfully formulate our fund raising strategies. We call these principles “The Five Pillars” and they are at the foundation of what is Cue Capital.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times. Cue Capital has an impeccable reputation within the industry for upholding ethical standards plus a proven track record of success.

Access to Only Top Quality Investors
We draw from our extensive resource network to provide access to only the most exceptional investors with market access of over several trillion dollars. Our well-established relationships also provide for the most honest feedback.

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the business, Cue Capital draws upon a vast knowledge of a variety of investment transactions and provides full service packages to meet fundraising needs. In the process, Cue Capital was instrumental in raising 5 funds and other assignments.  In the past 3 years Cue Capital has successfully completed the following exclusive fund raises:

Spire Capital Partners II
Halifax Capital Partners II
Vivo Ventures V
Symphony Capital

Our exceptionally skilled and motivated team provides personalized and responsive service one exclusive assignment at a time, thereby eliminating conflicts in fund raising. We work urgently, efficiently and encourage quality over quantity at every turn.

Due Diligence
We perform in-depth analysis, evaluate and gauge LP interest while scheduling one-on-one meetings. We assist with selection, monitoring and evaluating a fund through the final commitment stage while completing reference checks. Most importantly we work only with GPs & LPs who we trust and with whom we have a long standing track record.

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